About Us

Thanks for coming over and taking a look at our blog today. We are guessing that if you are as passionate about amateur brewing as we are, you are going to love reading our thoughts and recommendations, as well as tips to making your home brewing a success. We are a few guys that come from all over the country to bring our excitement together in one place about beers and ales of all different kinds. We just wanted to bring that passion and excitement to our little spot on the web so we could provide you with the latest news and tips on brewing from home. We have lots of fun doing it and we are confident that you will to. Let us introduce ourselves so you can get an idea of our background and why this blog is so important to us.

Dave: Dave is an amateur ale connoisseur from Chicago, IL. He currently works at a local advertising agency and runs a local pub in suburban Chicago. He is extremely knowledgeable about home brewing and loves beers and ales of all different types. He loves drinking IPAs and his passion lies with creating his favorite kind of beer in his garage. He loves hanging out in local Chicago pubs to find out more about different types of beers and how he can make his own pub and his home brewing a success.

Chris: Chris lives just outside of Columbus, OH and works full time as a freelance writer and blogger for many different websites. He started studying home brewing back at Ohio State. Chris prefers the lager over the ale any day so that is where his preference and expertise lie. He and his wife brew from home and have been known for throwing some crazy brewing parties!

Paul: Paul resides just outside of Boston, so you know he’s a fan of the lager! He is a business owner and full-time dad, but devotes his Saturday nights to going downtown and discovering new and tasty lagers that he can practice making at home. All of the guys from the blog get together a couple times a week to talk about their latest discoveries, and Paul always has the most interesting ones to talk about!

Steve: Steve lives near Seattle and stays at home full time to focus on his home brewing. He brings the most experience to the table with more than twenty years of home brewing experience packed into one amazing guy! Steve prefers Blonde Ales, but has a hard time picking just one. His beer is done on Sundays just in time for the Seahawks!

We are all just a crazy group of guys who love brewing beer from home. We have a ton of experience and vast knowledge of all different types of beers, ales, lagers, you name it. While we all have our preferences, our real only preference is just beer itself. That and passing down our knowledge to all of you. I hope you decide to keep reading, because we are just getting started! Happy Drinking!